Relocating to Chicago's Western Suburbs

I know what it’s like to relocate your family.

As a former Procter & Gamble employee, I was relocated from Illinois to Ohio. This was a full service relocation package with every imaginable benefit - all paid for by P&G. I think that they even carried me to the limo on moving day. And then there was the move back to Chicago, which was all on me. It’s quite a different experience when you are your own relocation concierge.

Beyond my own personal experience of relocating, I have orchestrated dozens of moves for families relocating to the near Western Suburbs. I do not look upon my job as just helping someone buy a house. Rather, the house is just one component of the process. It’s really about transitioning lifestyles. It’s everything from school registration to orthodontist recommendations. And that includes referrals to country clubs, painters, landscape architects, cleaning people and get the idea. Since I’m a lifelong Chicagoan, my recommendations are rock solid.

You do not have to use the real estate broker offered by the relocation company. The purchase of a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make. Find the most expert realtor in the market area that you are interested in buying into. Provided that your real estate broker of choice follows the rules of the relocation company and gives the relocation company a portion of the agent's commission, relocation companies will normally be agreeable to your choice in Realtors.

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