Choosing a Buyer's Agent

Presumably, your residential property purchase is one of the largest financial transactions you will make in a lifetime. Just as savvy sellers hire the agent most qualified to assert their interests, Shouldn't you do the same on the buying side?

In most cases, the services of a buyer agent are free to the buyer as they are paid for by the seller. Given this scenario, why wouldn’t you get representation from the most qualified agent?

As you consider candidates for the position of buyer agent, make sure their qualifications meet your needs. A good real estate buyer’s agent will:

  • Save you money. Ask yourself, How are their negotiation skills?
  • Find you the right house efficientlyDo they actively listen to your needs? Or do they talk?
  • Save you time. Are they efficient and respectful of your time?
  • Make you money. Is their command of real estate market knowledge such that you will outperform other competing homes?
  • Reduce your stress. Do they engage in behavior that takes responsibility/problems away from you?
  • Solve problems. There are dozens of steps between “looking for a house” and ultimately getting the keys. Know that the agent managing the process is proactive in warding off problems before they occur.
  • Know the market. Do they know the market so well that they can expertly advise you?
  • Any conflicts of interest? Do they work for sellers too? Or are they exclusive buyer specialists?

​​When buyers choose to work with Bryan Bomba Group, these astute buyers get the benefit of a boutique team. So you get  two brokers working for your family, not one! Additionally, once you visit the #1 real estate broker brokerage in the Hinsdale IL market and meet my team, you will see the difference a high performing team can make in your life. 

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