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July 2014 Real Estate Newsletter

New Lunch Express At Whole Foods in Hinsdale

On a daily basis, I'm flying around the greater Hinsdale IL area going from one house to another. There tends to be very little time for lunch. And when I am with clients, the need for efficiency is even more pronounced. 

Today, I received a surprise when I stopped for lunch at Whole Foods on Ogden Avenue in Hinsdale IL. Whole Foods now has a "Lunch Express" cash register set up near the prepared foods that is for people buying lunches who are on the fly. There is a 5-item limit and the person behind the counter today was definitely moving customers through the line. I think that my transaction took a total of 30 seconds.

Good work Whole Foods Hinsdale.  

By Bryan Bomba

Rent Versus Buy Calculator

In the western suburbs of Chicago, the purchase housing market is strong. In these same best suburbs of Chicago, the rental housing market is even stronger. 

There are multiple reasons for the strength of the rental residential housing market in the best Chicago suburbs:

  • Many potential home buyers are still incapable of buying because their credit and/or finances remain damaged by way of the economic downturn
  • There are employees with temporary corporate assignments (1-2 years) where renting is a lower risk, lower cost option
  • The residential construction market is absolutely white hot. Some move-up families who build these $1,000,000+ new homes rent a home locally during construction in the neighborhood where their new home is being built
  • Divorcing spouses cannot always afford and/or want to buy immediately after the split
  • Younger consumers find the idea of renting a home to be popular

The New York Times has developed a renting versus buying calculator so that you can determine which option is most feasible for you: Rent V. Buy Calculator

By Bryan Bomba

Bryan Bomba Group Named Top 100 Real Estate Brokers in USA

My team and I are happy to announce that we have just been named as one of the top 100 real estate agents in the USA by Realtrends and the Wall Street Journal for 2013. The award was based on our annual sales volume, which was just over $101,000,000 for the 2013 calendar year. Our position on the top 100 list was number 81. 

In large part, we owe our production to our past clients as over 2/3's of the 2013 business was either repeat business from past clients or referrals from them to their friends and colleagues. 

Thank you!

By Bryan Bomba