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Hinsdale Named One Of Best Places To Live in Chicago

by Bryan Bomba

Chicago magazine has named Hinsdale IL of of the best places to live in the Chicago metropolitan area. 

In addition to being kid-friendly, pedestrian-friendly and having close geographical proximity to Chicago, the article talks about Hinsdale just "feeling right". 

A local Hinsdalean news source, the Hinsdale Patch weighed in with their thoughts on the Chicago magazine article which named Hinsdale IL as one of the best places to live in Chicago. 


Best Buying Strategy For Home Buyers In 2014

by Bryan Bomba

Hinsdale IL 2013 Market Share

Like it or not, there are more buyers in today's market than there are good properties for them to buy. This condition is further accentuated in the best towns. For example, this demand exceeding supply phenomenon exists in the best western suburbs of Chicago like Hinsdale, Western Springs, Clarendon Hills, Oak Brook, Burr Ridge and Downers Grove (particularly the north side of town).

So what is a buyer to do?

Here is an idea. Take Hinsdale IL 60521 for example. As you can see by the 2013 Hinsdale Illinois real estate market share graph, Coldwell Banker has near four times the market share of our next closest competitor. This is a fact. Do you think the Coldwell Banker agents in Hinsdale reward their loyal buyers with knowledge of the new properties first? Hmmm.

Here is your answer...Tomorrow, you will see a new property come on market in Hinsdale IL at 727 W. Hickory Hinsdale IL 60521 for $1,400,000. Guess what? It is already sold. And so was 216 N. Vine in Hinsdale IL which went on market for $1,749,900. And we have more!

So if you are serious about buying a great property and want to give you and your family an edge, then get connected with a top-producing broker who can accomplish this for you. 

As a home buyer in 2014, you are either AT the game or your are IN the game. Get IN the game. Contact


Concealed Carry and the Residential Landlord

by Bryan Bomba

Concealed Carry is now the law in Illinois. Recent news articles have reported that some 5000 Conceal Carry permits have been approved and mailed to new permit holders.

As an attorney, I wanted to share my opinion with you in a simple question and answer format. See also, the important disclaimer at the end of this article.

Question: As a landlord, can I prohibit my tenants from keeping firearms in their apartment?

Answer: No. The United States Supreme Court has consistently maintained that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives citizens the right to keep a firearm in their home. Further, the Illinois Concealed Carry Act now gives Conceal Carry permit holders the right to carry firearms outside of the home. Put the two of these together, and I believe that the tenant with a Concealed Carry permit also has a lawful right to carry that firearm from his car directly to his apartment, and from his apartment directly to his car. Same thing goes for a Concealed Carry permit holder entering or leaving the building on foot: directly from the entrance to the apartment, and directly from the apartment to the exit. I believe that any attempt by a landlord to interfere with these scenarios would be unenforceable.

Question: As a landlord, can I prohibit my tenants from carrying firearms in common areas of the building, such as a laundry room, party room, swimming pool or health club?

Answer: Yes, so long as it does not does not interfere with it does not interfere with the right of the tenant to carry directly to and from his apartment, as discussed in the answer to the previous question. And any prohibition would need to be specific to a particular place (e.g. the laundry room, etc.) and not to a particular person.

Question: As a landlord, can I carry a gun while going about my business as a landlord, doing such things as collecting rents, showing apartments, and tending to repairs?

Answer: Yes, if you have a Conceal Carry License.

Question: As a landlord, can I prohibit firearms from a Leasing Office or Management Office, whether on-site or off-site?

Answer: Yes, you could if you wanted to.

Question: As a landlord, can I prohibit firearms from being carried into a vacant apartment, or model apartment, that is being offered for rent?

Answer: Yes, you could if you wanted to. But you would also want make clear to any potential renters that this prohibition would no longer apply once they, or anyone else, was using the apartment as their personal residence.

Question: As the landlord, can I allow some tenants to have firearms, but not others?

Answer: Don’t even go there. Conceivably, it might be possible to articulate some type of class, condition, or standard, but if the party denied was a protected party under the Fair Housing laws, this is almost a guaranteed invitation to be sued under the Fair Housing laws. If you went the other route and merely said (for example) that I don’t want a particular person (I’ll call him Joe) to be able to carry firearms (because "everybody knows" Joe is a troublemaker), this route is fraught with trouble as well. Joe will claim that he applied for, and was issued, a Concealed Carry permit, so therefore the State of Illinois found him qualified to concealed carry. So just exactly who are you and what is your basis from denying Joe his right? You wouldn’t want to have to explain that one to a Judge.

Question: As the landlord, could I deny an application of an otherwise qualified applicant to rent one of my apartments strictly on the basis that the applicant has been issued a Concealed Carry Permit?

Answer: No. The mere fact that someone is a Concealed Carry permit holder is not, in and of itself, a valid reason to deny a rental application.

Question: What about condominium associations?

Answer: In my opinion, you could go through all the questions and answers above, and substitute "condominium association" for "landlord" and the answers would all be the same.

In conclusion, let’s keep the big picture in mind: 49 other states have had Concealed Carry for a long time, largely without any problems. Law-abiding citizens with guns do not cause problems; criminals with guns cause problems.

Disclaimer: This newsletter is only intended as a general discussion of a current topic. It is not intended as specific advice to any specific individual, including you or anyone else you may forward this email to. It is not intended to start, or further, any type of attorney-client relationship. If you need specific advice for a specific situation, you should consult a qualified attorney. The information contained in this newsletter is believed to be correct at the time it was written, but laws can and do change. All citations to legal authority were intentionally omitted in the interest of brevity. If you have read this far into a disclaimer, you are either a lawyer or an insomniac. In either case, you are hereby advised that pursuant to the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct, this newsletter is Advertising Material. 

Reposted with permission from the author, Bruce Theobold of Lakefront Realty Group in Chicago.

Does Your Student Need A Boost In Educational Performance?

by Bryan Bomba


To give your child a measurable increase in their educational performance, you may want to investigate this local after school school. It's called Eye Level and it's located east of Cass Avenue on Chicago Avenue in Westmont. 

The philosophy is interesting:

The name Eye Level stems from a story about a teacher who sought to improve his ability to teach. During a trip to an art museum, the teacher knelt down and looked up at every painting. A curious fellow visitor asked why he was crouched down to examine the works of art. He replied, “I’m an elementary school teacher and I’m bringing my students here tomorrow. I was wondering how they would enjoy the paintings they see, so I’m exploring the museum at their eye level.”


The Biggest And The Best Of Western Springs

by Bryan Bomba

4949 Lawn Western Springs IL 60558








The biggest and best of Forest Hills! 

A 103 foot wide lot in the 4900 Block of Lawn? Are you kidding me? A true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a lucky family in a flawless location. Just .7 mile from the train station. That is very walk-able. Over-sized everything. First floor master suite. Just updated kitchen and bathrooms. Storage galore. Definitely a "wow" house.

For more information on this luxury property, click 4939 Lawn Western Springs IL.



An Acre In Southeast Hinsdale?

by Bryan Bomba

719 S. Park Hinsdale IL 60521







719 S. Park Hinsdale IL 60521 Back Of Home









Secretly, everyone aspires to live in southeast Hinsdale! And if you have ever driven down the 700 block of South Park, you will know why. 

Here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own nearly an acre in this esteemed neighborhood. In Hinsdale, it is atypical for us to speak of lot sizes in terms of acreage. Rather, the conversation is more of a discussion of front footage. To help you visualize what nearly an acre looks like, take a peek at the view of this home form the back yard. From a hyper local point of view, this is beyond uncommon. It is nearly unheard of. 

The home is an updated vintage home with approximately 4,400 square feet. As large as it is, there is clearly room for expansion. And the expansion would barely put a dent in the pastoral back yard. 

To learn more about this rare offering in the heart of 60521, contact me. 630.286.9242.




Hinsdale Leads All Suburbs In $1+ Million Home Sales

by Bryan Bomba

Dennis Rodkin, the real estate writer for Chicago magazine writes today that while there has been an explosion of home sales in the $1,000,000 price category, Hinsdale IL leads the way for all of the suburbs in Chicago. Click here to read this piece.

Home Sellers: The Spring Market Starts Sooner Than You Think

by Bryan Bomba

The Spring market in real estate is a very different time than the Spring that one associates with the seasons of the year. While the unofficial beginning of the Spring market is the Monday after the Super Bowl, typically it begins sooner. 

Let me give you some context. 

Right now, my team and I have over 2 dozen buyers who have committed to buying homes with us in 2014. Some are ready to buy NOW. These are those who I classify as "A" buyers. Some have more protracted time frames. 

Now, let's talk about your time frame. 

If you want the marketing of your home to be launched on, say February 3, 2014, you need to back into that date. There are definitely pre-marketing preparations that have to take place. They can be as non-invasive as de-cluttering to more exhaustive recommendations (which I will not list here in fear that if you read them you may never hire me). My team and I like to look at the preparations before we go on market. Then there is photography. Then there is staging. Then my team and I need time to take notes on your home to develop the marketing pieces and concepts.

The idea is that this process takes time. All the while, you are not getting market exposure. Most of the families I work for need at least two weeks to prep their home. My team and I like to have a week. Throw in a painter, repair guy and a stager and we're over a month. Given that the unofficial start date of the Spring market is February 3 and today is January 2, how much time do you really have?

Luxury Home Market Will Be Even Stronger In 2014

by Bryan Bomba

Last week, USA Today newspaper reported that the household wealth in the USA is at an all time high. The two major contributors to this conclusion are the strength of the stock market and the recovery of the housing market. 

Let me localize this for you. Let's talk about new construction. 

New construction is really a conversation about lots. And lots do not exist around here so we're really talking about tearing down an existing house to make way for a new one. On the low end of the scale, it costs $10,000 to demolish an existing home and haul away the trash. So when you see a lot price, add at least $10k to it to get the real cost. 

Lot demand in the greater Hinsdale area (Clarendon Hills, Western Springs) are absolutely on fire. They are beyond hot. 

A recent example is a teardown house located at 118 E. Hickory in Hinsdale, IL 60521. The lot measured 55 x 132. The location was, in my opinion, a 7 on a 10 scale. It went on the market September 4, 2013 at about 1pm for $399,000. I had submitted one of what turned out to be 9 offers. My offer was $40,000 over asking price.

It sold 4 hours later for $475,000. That's right. $76,000 over asking price. The price per square foot was $65. Most Hinsdale properties sell for $50-$60/SF.

And this is just one story. I can bury you with dozens more. 

So if land is in such demand and numerous new construction projects are selling before the new home permits are even issued, that is a reasonable indicator that the luxury real estate market in the Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills and Western Springs area is going to be strong in 2014. 

If you have a property that you think may be a teardown and you have an interest in cashing out, please contact me at 630-286-9242 to talk. 

Not Yet On Market: Hinsdale Townhouse $325,000

by Bryan Bomba

If you have been searching for a home in Hinsdale, you know how thin the inventory is. In a town with an average asking price of over $1,400,000, the inventory is even more non-existent in the lower price ranges.

Here is an exclusive opportunity to learn about a town house that will be coming on market for $325,000. All Hinsdale schools. District 181 and Hinsdale Central. Three bedrooms. Three-and-a-half bathrooms.  Updated & over-sized kitchen.

The owner does not want this information public yet, so I cannot post any more information online. A picture is disallowed as well.

If you have an interest in this property and you are not represented by another real estate broker, contact me for this highly uncommon opportunity.

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 773