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Mr. T Now Has A Home Improvement Show

by Bryan Bomba


I guess it's not that hard to believe...Mt T now has his own home improvement tv show called "I Pity The Tool". 

I just wonder if there's going to be a segment about cutting down trees. 

Hinsdale IL 2014 Luxury Real Estate Summary

by Bryan Bomba

Coldwell Banker, the premier luxury real estate brokerage in the metropolitan area, defines luxury residential estate as those residential properties with values in excess of $750,000. Here are some of the findings from our Previews department, the luxury division for Hinsdale IL during the 2014 calendar year:

  • The median sales price in 2014 increased over 2013. $1,200,000 versus $1,130,000
  • The average sales price decreased. $1,349,000 in 2014 versus $1,364,000 in 2013
  • The highest priced home to sell was the property which I marketed at 543 W. Maple which sold for $3,675,000. 


The Appeal Of The Burns Field Location In Hinsdale IL

by Bryan Bomba


It's difficult to find a block in Hinsdale IL that is lower traffic and quieter than this one.  Idyllically set on a very quiet block just steps from Burns Field, one of the premier parks in Hinsdale IL.  The "walk to" benefit of this home extends to the Monroe Elementary school and downtown Hinsdale as well. The train user's dream about living on a block this close to downtown Hinsdale and the Metra commuter train. 

Take a peek inside 123 N. Clay Hinsdale IL 60521 and you will find a very functional family home--Updated eat-in kitchen, First floor family room with fireplace, First floor office. Even a nicely finished lower level. It's truly in move-in condition. 

Notice the extremely spacious yard--both the width and depth exceed the local standard. And, this means ample recreation space and privacy for your family. Lots this wide are uncommon and sought after in Hinsdale. 

If you have an interest in knowing more, just ask. I can be reached at


13 (Somewhat Unorthodox) Tips To Survive The Real Estate Market

by Bryan Bomba

Fortune magazine has just revealed 13 tips to survive the real estate market. They're not your typical buff and fluff tips. To read the Fortune article, click here

If you have questions or comments about this piece, you can post them below. 

Get Customized Food Bars Built To Your Liking

by Bryan Bomba is a Chicago-based company which custom builds whole food bars based on your specific preferences. Just go to their website and you can make any type of bar that you like.  Also, they allow you to create your own custom granola as well.

This is an excellent gift item as it's extremely personalized (whether you create the bars for the gift recipient or you allow them to create their own). Element Bars allows you to name the product as well. For example, to keep my daughter (a vegetarian) away from my protein bars, I simply have them labeled as "Bryan's Beef Sticks" even though they contain no beef. 

What Your Home is/is not Worth:

by Bryan Bomba

The Market Value of Your Home is NOT:

  1. What you have in it

  2. What you need out of it

  3. What you want

  4. What it is appraised for

  5. What your neighbor’s house sold for

  6. What the tax office says it is worth

  7. How much it is insured for

  8. Based on memories and treasures

  9. Based on prices of homes where you are moving


The True Market Value of Your Home is what a Buyer is willing to pay:

  1. Based on today’s market

  2. Based on today’s competition

  3. Based on today’s financing

  4. Based on today’s economic condition

  5. Based on the buyer’s perception of the condition

  6. Based on location

  7. Based on normal marketing time

  8. Based on showing accessibility

Best Luxury Ski Resorts

by Bryan Bomba


The luxury arm of Coldwell Banker, our Previews division, has selected what they consider to be the best ski resorts. Take a look at the list and let me know what you think:

If You're In The Mood For Tiny Donuts...

by Bryan Bomba

Tiny donuts made while you wait. Strongly recommended that you eat them while hot. Great flavors (nutella, cinnamon roll, vanilla, Reese's cup, coconut)...about 11 flavors in all--$5/dozen. This place is hard-to-find, but it's a winner.  I just wish they opened before 730 am. bb's donuts in Western Springs.

Hinsdale's Annual Christmas Walk Is This Week

by Bryan Bomba

For the 49th year, Hinsdale IL will be holding its Christmas Walk in downtown Hinsdale. On Friday December 5 from 4pm to 8pm, there will be a tree-lighting event, entertainment, and give aways from the retailers, who will be open late that evening. It's a wonderful family event, particularly with small kids. If you plan on dining in downtown Hinsdale, make your reservations early. 

Don't Pay Full Retail For Fireplace Accessories

by Bryan Bomba


As I was shopping for a custom fireplace screen (standard sized ones would not fit), I could not help from feeling the feeling of being gouged by the prices of fireplace accessories. I realize it's now "on" season and all, but this felt like the kind of rip off that you usually can only find at a place like Disney World ($6 bottles of water, etc.)

In any case, I came across a true find. I was being quoted anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a fairly basic fireplace screen. And then I found Aspen Industries in Bensenville where I had one made for under $150 in less than a week. 

They make everything from fireplace screens to hinged domes for fire pits. 

When you pick up your purchase, make sure it's around lunch time so you can stop off at Asti Italian Deli (you'll avoid the industrial park traffic if you travel at midday as well)

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 828