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Imagine a true "walk to" lifestyle where you commute to downtown LaGrange, the Metra commuter train depot and the local elementary school is measured in steps, not minutes or miles. Better yet, imagine a community where there are 57 restaurants contained within city limits. See for yourself, the restaurants in LaGrange are the envy of the western suburbs. 

413 S. Catherine in LaGrange is a four bedroom, 3 1/2 bathroom home idyllically situated in the historic district, the most coveted of all neighborhoods. All bedrooms are on the second floor. It has been updated and more than well-maintained. Attached two car garage.

Contact me for your own private showing. Priced at $675,000. 


Hard-To-Find Estate Home In Hinsdale IL On Acreage

by Bryan Bomba

Hinsdale Illinois is noted for many things. Excellent public schools. Extreme convenience into the city of Chicago by car or train. Low crime. Beautiful homes. Hinsdale Illinois is also know for having small lots. The lots are so small, we do not refer to them in terms of acreage, we refer to them in terms of front footage. And this is true in all price ranges (the average asking price is Hinsdale Il is $1,500,000 for a detached house).

I am more-than-excited to share with you a rare opportunity. In fact, I'd go so far to say that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Here is a chance for your family to live in-town Hinsdale (if you don't know what this means, ask me) on your own 1.6 acre forest in a 5,600 square foot custom home built exclusively of the finest materials (stone, copper, slate). Imagine being able to walk to schools, train and downtown Hinsdale while still having the unimaginable privacy that other Hinsdaleans only dream of. Take a look for yourself:


And it is even more impressive in person. Contact me for your own private viewing to see what I mean.


Hinsdale IL Real Estate Report For July 2014

by Bryan Bomba

For a brief review of the residential real estate activity in Hinsdale IL 60521, click Hinsdale Report

Best Hinsdale IL Home For Sale Under $900,000

by Bryan Bomba

If you have an interest in owning a home in Hinsdale IL and your budget is less than $900,000, this Hinsdale property is a must-see opportunity. Located on a quiet, low traffic street in the always appealing Madison grade school area, 735 S. Adams In Hinsdale IL 60521 is absolutely in move-in condition. 

With two neighborhood parks located within very, very short walks and the Hinsdale IL west Metra commuter train station situated in this neighborhood, you are sure to enjoy the daily benefits of a true "walk to" lifestyle. 

Here are the fundamentals: Four second floor bedrooms. Two full bathrooms. Two half bathrooms. The largest first floor family room you will see in this price range. White eat-in kitchen with island. Nicely finished lower level with copious amounts of natural light. Interior lot with a private back yard. All in, a winning package. Contact for more details. 



Yia Yia's Pancake House Is Hinsdale's Newest Restaurant

by Bryan Bomba

Yia Yia Hinsdale

Yia Yia's Pancake House & restaurant is now open in Hinsdale! As reported previously, it is in the former location of Grant Square restaurant. 

I called there today to learn that there was a 30 minute wait for a table. So I phoned in an order that was not on the menu and manger Eleni was happy to comply with my request. 

Based on my singular experience at this new restaurant in Hinsdale IL and the happy-looking faces of the Hinsdaleans leaving the restaurant, I'd call the early reports positive. 

Majave Hot Sauce

The proprietor of Majave hot sauce was doing a demo of his Chicago-made hot sauce at Whole Foods in Hinsdale IL last Friday. While I love hot sauce, once I heard that this habanero-based, I started to lose interest. To me, habanero means hot without flavor. I tried the sauce anyway and was glad that I had. The flavor was fantastic. And it wasn't too hot. I'm thinking that the inclusion of apple cider did something to enhance the habanero pepper. 

It's now my favorite hot sauce. And the fact that it is made in a western suburb of Chicago (Berwyn) helps me like it even more. If you're in the mod to give it a try, you can pick up a bottle at Whole Foods in Hinsdale IL or Willowbrook IL.

New Caputo's Supermarket Opens In Downers Grove

by Bryan Bomba

Caputo Downers Grove IL

The new Caputo's Fresh Market is open in eastern Downers Grove at 42 Ogden Avenue(between Cass Avenue and Fairview Avenue). It's in the former space of Dominick's. 

If you have never been to a Caputo's (there are now 8 of them in the Chicago market), you're in for a treat. Unlike Jewel, the produce is excellent. The ethnic food sections are fantastic as well. Italian foods are emphasized. There is an amazing dry pasta section-that applies to both the selection and the price. There are more of the multi liter cans of extra virgin olive oil than you will know what to do with.



What Do Reasonable Buyers Ask For On A Home Inspection?

by Bryan Bomba


When a home sells, it is common for the buyer to hire at least one inspector to examine the house that was just purchased. In the western suburbs of Chicago, it is typical for the inspection to be completed and issues to be raised within 5 business days of the acceptance of the real estate contract.

It is the inspector's job to identify all areas where he believes to home to be deficient. This includes recommendations for future maintenance. From a business pint of view, the home inspectors typically go a bit overboard on what they identify as deficiencies to cover themselves from a liability perspective.

Remember, the inspector has no specific knowledge of the local building code (it was be ridiculous to expect a Chicago inspector to know the individual codes in the dozens and dozens of Chicago suburbs in which he inspects). Moreover, the house inspector does not know which residential sales contract which the buyer and seller have used so the inspector cannot know how a deficiency is defined as a result.

For purposes of brevity, the most commonly used sales contract defines a deficiency as either something that is unsafe and/or it does not perform its intended function (like an air conditioner that does not cool or a door lock set that does not lock).

In some cases, the home buyer cites every deficiency that an inspector identifies on the home inspection report's deficiency list whether or not they conform to the definition of a deficiency on the residential sales contract. This is improper.Sometimes this is done as the buyer lacks knowledge. Other time sit is done as the buyer is simply greedy. In other cases, it is done as advised by the buyer's real estate attorney as a negotiation strategy. 

It is my opinion that the inspection report deficiency list should be understood by the buyer. The buyer should then ask his real estate broker to comment on the list not as that buyer's advocate, but as the "real estate judge" so that home buyer can have his actual home inspection demand list has some sense of reasonableness. For example, I sell over 100 homes per year. My clients only buy or sell a home every 3 to 5 years. I know what is reasonable and common in a real estate transaction. They do not. So we need to collaborate so that the buyer can properly advise his attorney how to reply. And this type of proactive approach is what keeps stress levels to manageable levels during these transactions. 

By Bryan Bomba




How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In Hinsdale IL 60521?

by Bryan Bomba

Over the last 12 months, the average time to sell a home in Hinsdale Illinois was 122 days on market. Selling a house in Hinsdale took 123 days on market in 2013 and 196 days in 2012. This real estate marketing time is for all price ranges in the 60521 zip code market area.

Do these results surprise you?

Best Cell Phone Service In Chicago Suburbs

by Bryan Bomba

Because of the lack of towers in the western suburbs of Chicago (particularly Hinsdale IL), I am always in the process of seeking out who has the best cell phone service. I define the best service as the fastest and the most reliable.

There is a company called Rootmetrics which tests the performance of cellular networks in major metropolitan areas twice per year. The closet location to the Hinsdale, Clarendon Hills, Burr Ridge, Western Springs and Oak Brook areas is the Midway Airport test site. Here is the latest report from Rootmetrics. 

How do these results compare with your personal experience?

Which carrier do you like best? 

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 807